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Full Service IT Solutions
Whatever the size of your organization, let us help start making your IT Dollars work for you.
Work From Home Solutions
Let us develop an IT system that allows your employees to safely, securely and productively work on a remote basis.
Device Management
Whether your company operates its own assets or is BYOD, we will make sure sensitive data stays secure both in and outside the office.
Onsite Deployment and Asset Management
We will optimize and bring out the full potential of your onsite equipment, after a thorough analysis.
Employee Consulting and Training
We provide consultation and training to C-Suite, IT management, and rank and file employees, specializing in security, data management, IT optimization, as well as agile, project management and waterfall methodology.

Let us Help You Save on IT!

Are you tired of feeling like your IT dollars are setting you back, rather than accelerating your business? We promise that after a free consultation, we will deliver solutions that will save you money on your current IT expenditure, and increase your organization's efficiency.

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Our Services:

Simplified IT Legacy Migration

Tired of hassling with onsite servers and switches? Do you have data that is stuck in an inaccessible old system? We can guarantee 99% uptime with our cloud SaaS providers, and work to optimize efficiency for any onsite assets. Sit back and let our team save time and money for you and your organization.

IT Setup & Renovation

Our experienced team of IT professionals will install, integrate, and repair your organization's IT infrastructure. We will deploy the the most latest software and best practices to ensure ongoing efficiency, wherever your employees work.

Email Setup and Migration

We will setup or migrate your organization's email system, as well as integrate email marketing technologies such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact.

Continued Support & Maintenence

Hegau Digital will always be there, if necessary 24x7 to mitigate any small problem or crisis your business could potentially encounter.

Website and App: Development, Management and Upgrades

We are pros at developing, upgrading, managing, and integrating new features into websites and apps.

Employee Device Troubleshooting

Specialists from Hegau Digital will help your employees navigate all of their technical problems, remotely or onsite.

Work From Home Solutions

Our Work From Home solutions allow your employees to securely and productively conduct company business.

Digital Transformation

Let us take your business to the next level and introduce concepts and practices which were never before possible, using the most state of the art technology.

Security and Threat Protection

We will secure your organization, and employees' devices from all threats fathomable that could emerge from the digital world. Those include viruses, ransomware, malware, spyware, phishing attacks, and even social engineering.

Training and Coaching

Whether your existing IT staff needs to be retrained to adapt to new systems and processes or your employees need to be educated on the threats that lurk the web, Hegau Digital provides expertly driven training and consultation services to address these needs.

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"My business was spending so much unnecessary cash on IT. Hegau Digital made it easy to transition from old legacy systems to much more cost efficient solutions. The process was handled with a high degree of professionalism and efficiency, and was customized to meet my business' needs."
Miguel Daud
Chairman, BAMM Technologies